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All About Naming Baby Girls And Unique Names

unique baby girls nameChoosing unique baby girl names can be very overwhelming. There are just too many options that picking one becomes a hard and very critical task. Some expectant parents narrow down their preferred baby girl names to ease up the selection. While this works to some, this method is deemed ineffective to most. Unfortunately, there are Moms and Dads who are challenged by some factors that make choosing female names perplexing.

Factors That Make Choosing a Unique Name for Girls Complicated

As the day when you need to finalize your daughter’s name approaches, several matters affecting your selection will come along the way.  During the time you first formed the name, you were so full of it that you did not anticipate you will soon have to think of an alternative.

    The name you chose is too long or too short
    Your family and friends do not approved of the name you selected
    Your relatives make unsolicited suggestions
    You suddenly remember someone of that name whose image does not please you
    You made a foolish pronunciation or invented its spelling
    The name is so popular that almost everybody wants that for their baby
    It’s an established boy name

The excitement that comes with having a new baby is overpowering. The same goes when selecting a name. Parents want to come up with something really different that sometimes, they consign to oblivion that her name has to be characterized by decency and it has to be fairly acceptable.

Things to Consider When Searching for a Unique Baby Girl Name

  • While you still have time, reckon with the tips on baby girls names below. You must keep in mind that the name you will give your daughter will construe her identity for a lifetime.
    Go for baby names for girls that complement your surname. It has to sound good right before your last name. Avoid picking a name that almost sounds the same or exactly the same as your surname. Your child will not be pleased if she has to be called Michelle Michelle or Rose Rose.
  • Check on what your daughter’s initials would be when you choose certain girl’s names. For instance, you name your child Phoebe Irene Garnet, making her initials P.I.G. She will be ridiculed with the word that her initials spell out.
  • Think of how her colleagues will shorten her name. The moment your child is born, people around her are not likely to call her by her full name, unless you picked an already short one. If you don’t like your Michelle to be called Mich, or your Pamela to be regarded as Pam, immediately cross these names out of your list.
  • Going for popular names is not conforming to unique girls names standard. Famous names are synonymous with common names. Avoid this especially when your surname is already common. If you name your child Jennifer, expect that she’ll be faced with a number of mistaken identity situations.
  • Do not consider a name that reminds you of someone you hate to remember. Get rid of a name you can associate to a person you had an unpleasant experience with. Your child is a precious gift and her name has to be easy on your ears.
  • Think of how appropriate the name would be to your daughter when she grows up. There are names that can be cute when it’s for someone tiny with chubby cheeks and curly hair but can be ridiculous when the person gets older and becomes a professional.
  • Know if the unique girl name you will choose can be easily pronounced and spelled by other people. It’s tiring to constantly correct everyone how your name should be pronounced and spelled out. This can be very frustrating especially to your child.
  • Discuss your chosen name with your spouse. It has to be the two of you making the decision on what name you will give to your girl. If the two of you have different names in mind, work it out and compromise. You may consider combining these names to come up with an even more unique name. If this will not work, this can be resolved with one submitting to the other.

Where to Find Unique Names for Baby Girls?

The internet can be a great source of girl’s name. However, you must recognize that a lot of people are also using this source and this makes the names available no longer unique. The trick is to be playful with these names until you discover something extraordinary. It can be with a little modification or switching of syllables or letters. It is basically a matter of creativity.

Unique and Meaningful Baby Girl Names

As you search for a unique name for your child, it is best if you find one with a beautiful meaning behind the name. Naming your child after a popular movie star or a fictional character does not make much sense. You must have a ready and sensible answer when your child asked you why you chose a particular name for her.

Do not be overly carried away when choosing a unique baby girl name. Make your choice smart and the kind your daughter will thank you for when she grows up.

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