What Age Can a Child Put on Socks

Your child may not have started self-dressing yet and maybe at a particular age, is still unable to put on the basic item in socks. If your child can put on socks, you have unlocked a new level of freedom for yourself.

Generally, a child will be able to take off clothing items before they learn to put them on. So if your child quickly shreds their clothing to play but cannot put them back on, you need not worry, that is how child development works. 

One of the basic clothing items is socks, so you may be wondering the ideal age for your child to be able to put them on independently. Typically, your child will start cooperating with you while dressing by sticking a foot out to wear their socks when they are about 12 months old. At the age of 18 months, a child will be capable of taking off loose-fitted socks with little or no help. However, the average child will have to be about three years old to be able to put on socks but with some assistance.  Well, at least they are already attempting to so you are getting there. One more year at the age of 4 and your child will become a pro in the craft!

At the age of 4, your child will able to put on their socks independently. However, some children may take a bit longer, so you do not have to be worried if your child at the age of 4 cannot put on socks. Some children may only be to theirs when they are 5. Should in case your child is taking too long, you can teach basic steps to put on socks.

How then do you teach a child to put on socks?

What Age Can a Child Put on Socks?

How to Teach a Child to Put on Socks

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Your child may be up to 4 years old already and is still unable to put on socks. Well, this does not make your child any less of a smart child. There are a couple of means that have been used to teach a child how to put on socks over time.

One of the best methods is the Rubber Band method.

Making your child wear a rubber band, and taking it off is one of the best ways of teaching your child to put on socks. With regular and constant practice, putting on socks will come naturally and easy. 

Below are some elementary and straightforward steps to follow to teach your child how to put on socks with the rubber band method.

The first step to teaching your child how to put on socks with this method is to show them first. Show the child how it is done. Remind the child to sit on a comfortable surface to preserve balance Ensure the child places the thumbs inside the rubber band.

Help the child slide the rubber band over the toes and allow the child to complete the rest by pulling it up. The feeling of completing the task helps build the child’s confidence. Repeat the processes consistently and regularly until the child learns how to put on socks.

How to teach a child to take off socks

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Although children learn to take clothing items off first before learning how to put them on, not all children are the same. You may need to show your child hot to take socks off conveniently and easily.

To teach a child to take socks off, all you need do is follow the steps above for putting them on with one exception. As opposed to helping the child slide the rubber band over the toes, in this regard, you need to help the child slide it over the ankles instead.

As time passes, the child will be able to initiate and complete the whole process, but for starters, helping the child halfway will help. Should in case you discover it’s a cakewalk for your child and it’s all easy, you could make it a bit harder. Why not?

Challenge the child to see if their weaker hand can be used. For instance, if your child is a lefty, ask that the right hand be used and just the right hand. That is, you are challenging the child to use one hand to put on socks as well as mainly using the weaker hand.

With time and regular practice, no matter the age, your child will be able to put on socks as well as take them off conveniently.

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