What Should Babies Wear at Night

Part of decisions mothers whose child are between 0 – 10 months make when going to bed is what their baby should wear at night.  As a parent, ensuring that your baby is not too hot or too cold in the night can prove to be very tricky. 

It is a no brainer and also normal that you would want to know what you should wear your baby at night, so you are not alone. You being here prove you care which makes you a good parent – you should be proud.

However, you need not worry, you only need to follow some simple steps to pick out the best outfit for your baby at night.

What Should Babies Wear at Night

What Should I Wear For my Baby at Night?

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Knowing that the temperature of your baby’s room plays a big part in the choice of clothing, what then should you wear your baby at night?

Each room temperature demands you dress your baby to suit it. Therefore there will be some possible room temperature ranges for you to make the right choice of clothing.

Find below some of the room temperature ranges and choose what to wear for your baby based on each.

It is also understandable that you may not know how to measure your baby’s room temperature correctly. Do not fret, like everything in life; there come some basic “life hacks” and ways you can find out easily without thermometers or any of such.

For room temperatures that are 60°F (16°C) and below:

  • Ensure your baby wears socks
  • Gloves are good too, put them on
  • Head wears do not really suit babies when sleeping but for a cold room, put on a hat
  • Wear your baby a long sleeve bodysuit
  • Pyjamas
  • And a sleeping bag as well

For room temperatures that fall in the range of 61°F to 63°F (16°C – 17°C):

What should you wear your baby if at night your baby’s room temperature falls in this range?

Of course, you will need to shred some clothing as opposed to the first temperature range.

  • As before, ensure your baby wears socks
  • Your baby would still need the long sleeve bodysuit
  • Pyjamas and sleeping bag also

For room temperatures that fall in the range of 64°F and 68°F (18°C – 19°C):

Your baby’s room is getting hotter, just like you would typically shred clothing when it gets hot; you need to do the same for your baby when sleeping at night.

  • Your baby still needs a long sleeve bodysuit
  • Wear Pyjamas
  • A sleeping bag is also still needed.

For room temperatures that fall between 69°F and 70°F (20°C – 21°C):

It’s getting hotter at night, what then should you wear for your baby, especially when the temperature is in this range?

  • Instead of the usual long sleeve bodysuit, wear your baby a short sleeve bodysuit this time.
  • You still need to wear your baby pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag as well

For room temperatures that fall in the range of 71°F and 74°F (22°C – 23°C):

It’s a warm night, so your baby does not need much clothing.

  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag and that’s all

For room temperatures that fall in the range of 75°F and 77°F (24°C – 25°C):

  • No pyjamas are needed, just a short sleeve bodysuit
  • Sleeping bag 

If your baby’s room temperature is about 78°F(26°C):

  • It’s hot night today, so your baby needs just a short sleeve bodysuit and that’s all

For room Temperatures that are 80°F (27°C) and Above

It is a very hot night and your baby needs as much cool air as possible, all you need to wear your child is a baby diaper only. Remember, Nothing else, just a baby diaper.

Should I Wear Headwear For my Baby in The Night?

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Generally, wearing any form of headwear is not advisable for your child, and a sleeping bag is the best possible way to cover your baby’s head.

However, if it gets really cold, you may slightly wear something over your baby’s head.

How Do I Find Out My Baby’s Room Temperature?

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Now, you might not have the means to find out the exact temperature range. You need to find out through your baby’s body if they are cold or warm.

When you touch your baby’s hands and feet, it might feel cool, but it is not the best indication of the temperature. You can know if the temperature is cool or warm by feeling the back of your baby or the tummy. 

Note, never make use of hot water bottles or electric blankets to keep your baby warm at night in cold weather.

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