When can I take my newborn out to a restaurant

One persistent worry for parents is whether the outside world is germ-free and comfy for the baby. This question of whether restaurants are conducive for babies is enough to create anxiety and nervousness in the heart of parents. But the good news is that with adequate preparation, taking your baby along with you can be a pleasant and stress-free experience. Here are some helpful advice to guide you:

When can I take my newborn out to a restaurant

A guide on taking babies to restaurant

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Pick a kid-friendly restaurant 

The type of restaurant you choose to go to matters tremendously. One way to avoid tears at mealtime is eating at kid-friendly restaurants. They have a friendly ambience and are welcoming for babies and toddlers. For your older kids, they have play areas and child-centred menus. Kid-friendly restaurants are fabulous for parents as well; their cooking is mouth-watery and lovely. You will also enjoy the company of other new parents. Many kid-friendly restaurants provide high chairs or baby feeding chairs, baby changing units, strollers and private rooms for feeding or rocking your baby.

Consider visiting restaurants during less busy hours

Restaurants typically have their busiest hours at 6-9 pm in evenings, and 12-2 pm in afternoons. You would want to plan your visit to the restaurant so as not to clash with those peak hours. It is best for the baby. During a restaurant’s peak hours, the environment can get crowded and noisy, which can be uncomfortable for you and your baby. To enjoy a satisfying and rewarding outing for you and your baby, dine early or make reservations when restaurants are less busy.

Ensure your baby is adequately fed

Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, ensure you have adequately fed him before you begin your trip to the restaurant. You wouldn’t want your baby to be hungry and uncomfortable while eating. Feeding her enough will lead to a stress-free outing.

Meanwhile, if your baby has been weaned, order his food immediately you get seated or take along some baby food. 

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Properly dress your baby

Your baby has to be at the right temperature to be healthy. Dress your baby in layers and hat when the weather is cold. In hot weather, protect your baby from direct sunlight to minimize the risk of overheating.

Carry a diaper bag along with you

Diaper bags will come in handy when you are visiting a restaurant with your baby. You will have to plan for whatever your baby may need. It is necessary to carry along essential items like feeding bottles, an additional pair of clothes, cuddling toys, blanket, baby wipes, extra diapers and breastfeeding covers. Evenings may be longer than anticipated, so take along necessities.

Corner tables are conducive

Restaurant visits with a baby can be uncomfortable. If possible, pick the corner table or a seat as distant from other guests as you can. Babies can make much fuss or grow very nettlesome. Other guests may find it very annoying or peevish. A corner seat will offer you and your baby a considerable measure of privacy and cosiness. 

Be watchful

Babies are super-inquisitive and enjoy exploring by grasping things. You need to keep an eye on your baby. Remove all untidy, potentially hazardous and breakable objects from your baby’s reach. Watch your baby’s mood and ensure he does not tire out. Keep all eating utensils, tableware and fragile objects away from your baby.

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Don’t spend too much time

Going with your baby to a restaurant should be a quick affair. It should not take hours. Babies cannot handle drawn-out, long sessions in a place like a restaurant. They can get easily stressed out. Experiment with the first visit by staying for a short amount of time. Try to make you and your baby more comfortable, in preparation for subsequent visits.

Take Things easy

As much as you can’t predict how your baby will behave on his first visit to a restaurant, you have to remain patient and calm. If your baby begins to have a grumpy or peevish spell that draws exasperated looks and eye rolls from your fellow guests, remember it has happened to others before you and try not to overreact. It merely is what parenting is all about. Adhere to whatever plans you may have made and adopt a positive attitude.

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