What Age Do Babies Start Teething

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Baby Teething: When it Starts & Parents’ Guide

Teething is one of the baby’s milestones that surely excite the parents. However, teething involves some discomforts that may worry moms and dads to a great extent. It is important that parents are armed with knowledge on the subject of teething baby so that they will know just what to do when their baby gets into this stage.

At What Point Do Babies Begin Teething

Most infants grow their first tooth when they reached the age of 4 to 7 months. A child can have his first white tooth when he is 3 months old. Other babies develop slower that their first tooth comes out at the age of 1.

There is no particular age as to when exactly the first white cap will be visible. In fact, there are reported cases when the first tooth is visible at birth. Therefore, the answer to the question as to when do babies get teeth is somewhere between birth and 12 months of age, but is most common during the age of 3 to 4 months.

When a child reaches the age of 3, there is a big possibility that he already has 20 primary teeth. Lower front teeth are the first to come out. It will take one or a couple months after the lower front teeth came into sight for the upper front teeth to come out.

What are the Symptoms of Baby Teething?

There are experts who do not agree that teething symptoms include diarrhea, fever and fussiness. These professionals regard these circumstances as coincidental with the emergence of primary teeth. Babies tend to put things in their mouth or bite random things in order to soothe their itching gums. This paves the way to coming into contact with germs and viruses.

Some of the lucky few can get through baby teething without too many discomforts. But there are some who are badly affected by it that they experience sleep disorder, gum swelling, drooling, chewing behavior, irritation and refusal to eat.

Parents also complain about their kids having loose stools and runny nose. There are babies who also suffer from fever about the same time a new tooth is forming. Although a lot of parents experience these, the experts are firm on their statement that fever, loose stools, runny nose and even diarrhea are not usual symptoms of teething.

What Parents Should Do When Their Baby is Teething?

Parents know their child too well that they can immediately tell when the baby is not feeling well. Moms and Dads cannot be blamed if they end up worried about their teething baby. But understanding what the baby is going through when teething can help parents ease their tension.

Research and talking to the pediatrician can help parents learn what goes about when a child is teething.

Parents must be aware of teething home treatment. These are remedies that can help control the teething symptoms. When performing any of these treatments, parents should be very carefully since the welfare of their child is at stake.

Rubbing the affected gum with a finger can be a very effective remedy to the teething discomfort. Expect that the baby will demonstrate disapproval of it by he will soon find it comforting.

For older babies, eating cold food can provide relief. Parents should give him yogurt or applesauce.

The market offers safe objects that little babies can chew on like teething rings. These are cute and colorful objects that babies find attractive. When the baby put it in his mouth and bite on it, he will feel a relief from the pressure that his erupting tooth is causing.

Parents should ask the baby’s doctor for a medicine that can relieve teething discomforts. There are some that can be bought over-the-counter but it is still best to ask for prescription. The instructions on the label must be followed without fail to achieve fast result.

Topical gels are also an option. Although there are some who question the efficiency of this product in relieving teething discomforts, it can also be tried with permission from the doctor.

Moms and Dads should take notice of the content of the topical medication they will purchase for the baby. They have to avoid ones with benzocaine which is said to bring about harmful effects to the child.







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